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26/08/2016 · A finger that bends down at the end joint and cannot be straightened is called a mallet finger. It is caused by an injury to the tendon that straightens extends the finger. A splint worn day and night for 6-8 weeks will cure the problem in most cases. In this article. Fits Any Finger – The Vive Trigger Finger Splint can fit any finger on your right or left hand, including either thumb. As you wear the finger splint, it helps alleviate any feelings of stiffness that you’re experiencing in the finger wearing it. This could be your thumb, pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger, or index finger. 16/04/2017 · Mallet finger is an injury to the end of the finger that causes it to bend inwards towards the palm. You won't be able to straighten the end of your finger because the tendon connecting the muscle to the finger bone is stretched or torn. Your finger will also be painful and swollen. In some cases. Tendinous mallet injuries are slower to heal. The recommended period of splintage is 6-8 weeks for a bony mallet and 8-12 weeks for a tendinous mallet. Mallet injuries may lead to a chronic swan-neck deformity if treatment is delayed or splintage is inadequate. In the case of a mallet finger, this can result in a secondary deformity called a swan neck deformity. Just because you have a mallet finger does not mean you will develop a swan neck deformity – there are lots of factors at play – but it’s best to simply take care of the mallet finger.

Mallet finger refers to a condition in which the end joint of a finger bends but will not straighten by itself. In this situation, the joint can be pushed straight but will not hold that position on its own. If your finger is bent at the last joint and won't straighten all the way out, there is could be several reasons why. Maybe you tried to put on a pair of gloves that were too small and once you took them off, you couldn't straighten your finger all the way. 28/09/2019 · How to Splint a Finger. Medical professionals use finger splints to treat sprained, broken, or dislocated fingers. It's important to seek medical attention for a finger injury, but you may need to apply a temporary splint in some. Een mallet finger ontstaat meestal door een directe klap op de top van een gestrekte vinger. De strekpees van het laatste kootje scheurt af, waarbij soms ook een stukje bot kan afscheuren. Het is een typische sportblessure, maar kan ook bij dagelijkse activiteiten opgelopen worden. Een malletvinger ontstaat wanneer de vingertop met kracht wordt omgebogen, bijvoorbeeld door hard stoten. Bij het omknakken van de vingertop kan de strekpees die vastzit aan het vingerkootje afscheuren.

Mallet Finger Repair Post Operation Handout. This handout explains the follow-up care after the surgery to repair your mallet finger. The injury involves a rupture of the extensor tendon attachment to the bone, either with or without a small bone fragment.

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